Spoke Too Soon

Apparently it was way too early to say things were going smoothly. And I probably made the dumbest mistake I could have made during planting season. I didn’t have a plan for the slugs.

Slugs are our biggest pest here. Usually I just put some Sluggo around the new plants and they are fine. This year we were out of Sluggo and I didn’t think of getting more. After all, we were mainly just putting in tomatoes and I’ve never had a problem with slugs in our tomatoes.

I was wrong. In one night they took down two of our tomato plants. One of which I only had one of that variety so now I’m trying to grow more tomatoes as backups and keep my fingers crossed that it’s not too late.

Four days later we got a super late frost. I was totally freaked out but fortunately I think the black plastic we had down helped keep them just a few degrees warmer so they survived the frost.


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