Taking Stock of our Harvest in 2010

After reading an article in Mother Earth News I’ve been inspired to keep a spreadsheet on the costs and savings from having a vegetable garden this year. I have a scale that I will weigh my harvest with and then will check out local prices for organic produce to compare. I’ve already started my spreadsheet with costs so far.

So for set up this season, including hiring the kid across the street to help double dig some new beds, costs of seeds (for all spring, summer and fall/winter crops), new irrigation for beds, several new fruit trees, and other miscellaneous items (new seedling trays, seed starting soil, etc.) We’ve spent $607.32 for this year.With 1,236 sq. ft. of vegetable beds (not including the walkways between the beds, the herb bed, or fruiting shrub, vine, and tree plantings) making up the cost will not be an issue.

I’m really curious as to see how much we save this year in food costs.

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