The Magic of Baking Soda

I ran out of Comet. For as long as I can remember that’s all I’ve ever used to clean the bathroom and kitchen sink. It always left things so sparkling and fresh.

Instead of buying more I decided to give baking soda a try. I had heard it makes a good cleaner and it works pretty well on my hair so I decided to give it a try.

What do you know, it works. And it works well. It’s great at getting up greasy grime in the kitchen sink and soap scum in the bathroom. Because it’s a bit gritty it also requires a bit less elbow grease to get stuff clean. The bonus is that there aren’t any noxious fumes associated with it like with most commercial bathroom cleaners. I don’t have to worry about any residue either.

I’m also finding that apple cider vinegar is good for cleaning as well. I use it to clean the cabinets, countertops and stovetop. I’m going to give glass a try with it. Of course it smells like vinegar for a bit, but it’s less obnoxious than other cleaners. I also don’t use it full strength. I dilute it with a 1:1 ration of water.

What natural cleaning products do you use?

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