The Permaculture Assessment

In the permaculture online study group I mentioned a couple of weeks back, we were given a rather intensive assignment. We needed to do a site inventory of the property we’re focusing on. Of course, for us, it’s our property and I thought it would be fairly easy to do since I already had our yard drafted in the computer. Well, it turns out mapping was the easiest part.

The assignment had several parts to it. The first parts were mapping the property and doing a site analysis of the current conditions. This included drawing out all the features of the property (trees, structures, permanent site elements) and then mapping out the conditions such as sun aspect, wind, slope, and shade patterns.

Once that was all done the hard part was next – writing the accompanying text which included additional information such as soils, climate, site history, and biodiversity. After the site assessment was complete I then described the different zones of property, the site elements in the zones and what our vision/future plans were for each of those areas.  Wrapping up the text I described what resources we have available (time, money, materials). If you’d like to see what this Permaculture Design Plan looks like click on the link below for the pdf. It’s probably more than you ever wanted to know about our property.

Permaculture Design

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