The Seed Catalogs are Rollin’ In!

The seed catalogs are coming in! I always look forward to my two favorite ones – Seed Savers Exchange and Baker Creek – which are where I buy 99.9% of my seeds.

I’ve been experimenting with different heirloom varieties to see which ones do best here. I’ve also been trying the seeds of the same varieties from both companies to compare them. From my experience, the plants I grow from Seed Saver’s seeds are more robust, the seeds seem to have higher germination rates and give me larger fruit/harvest when growing the same varieties.

Baker Creek, however, is less expensive and you get more seeds in a packet. Plus, Baker Creek has an absolutely AWESOME selection of heirlooms – much larger than Seed Savers if you don’t get their yearbook (which has tens if not hundreds of thousands of varieties offered by members). So if the varieties that Seed Savers has won’t grow in my area very well, I can always look to Baker Creek. The Brussels sprouts from Seed Savers never do well for me, but I found one at Baker Creek that has been doing much better and I hope to finally have a harvest for once.

What are your favorite Seed Companies?

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