The Year in Review

Now that I’ve got all the numbers I’m kind of depressed. It wasn’t bad in the grand scheme of things, especially with the animals, but compared to last year’s crops it’s low. The fruit trees don’t help. Of the 27 fruit trees we have we only got fruit off of 11 – less than half of them. The total fruit tree poundage came to only 95lbs. The majority of the fruit came from our orange tree, Granny Smith apple tree, and the pomegranate.

For the other fruit, the strawberries were the clear winner with just over 46lbs.

On the vegetable front, the only items to break 50lbs were tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and squash.

Excluding the turkeys, which we still have for breeding, and the ducks, which were just a one time deal, all of the animals produced a substantial amount of food. The chickens gave us over 2,300 eggs and the bees gave us over 58 lbs of honey. For meat the rabbits were clearly the winners with nearly 90lbs. Of course the animals require a lot more inputs than the garden, so we just barely got ahead with them. If it wasn’t for over $1,200 in vet bills this year just for the goats we’d be well ahead, but alas, you just can’t win them all.

Last year we grew 1,869lbs of produce (fruits and vegetables) and we got 1,840 eggs. We only got 6lbs of meat, no honey and zero gallons of milk. This year we got 2,322 eggs, 251 lbs of meat, 58.5 lbs of honey and 59.59 gallons of milk we only got 1,232lbs of produce.

I guess it wasn’t too bad. Next year I want to grow more though!

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