Thursday in the City- Book Fairs and Bookstores

Best $1 ever spent.
We went on a book hunt this weekend. I am excited to report on two really cool books. One old and one new. Both made me delightfully happy. The first place we stopped to look for books was the book and plant sale at the SF County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park hosted by Friends of the San Francisco Public Library and the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society. We got there on the last day of the sale and bought four really amazing books for $8! Get on their mailing list so you don’t miss the next book sale or look for ones in your area. Who knows what I would have found if I made it there earlier.

For the inexperienced vegetable gardener, “how to” books can be overwhelming and have way too much info…at least at the moment. The above small book, Rooftop & Patio Vegetable Gardening by Rex E. Mabe was published in 1974. The author writes that “marigolds are my favorite companion plants. They repel bean beetles, tomato worms and flea beetles, as well as keep nematodes from forming on the roots”. Who knew? Probably some one more experienced. I know, now. I just need to find out what a nematode is. This book is perfect for me as I begin this journey of vegetable gardening in the city with very limited space and knowledge. You will find me reading this very informative, little book everywhere from the bus to the park. After looking through all the books for sale at the fair, I realized that the books from the 60’s and 70’s were really put together beautifully with great illustrations and covers. I love how this book is designed…the colors, the printing, and the texture of the paper. Truly enjoyable to look at. Plus, they were still made in the USA and you are creating less waste by reusing. I may have started a collection for myself.

Stunning book

The illustrations were incredible.
It has the feel of a 100 year old book, but brand new.
The second great find was at Green Apple Bookstore in San Francisco. The New Oxford Book of Food Plants. Wow. The illustrations are incredible. I love lithographs and botanical prints. So, I was drawn to this book immediately. This would make an amazing gift for your favorite gardener.

We have a recommended reading list at Amazon. Please take a look at it on the side of the page. We will be adding to it all the time. You can also check out our set of cool books we looked at over the weekend on flickr. These ones stood out to me and think they will make a lovely addition to your library.

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