Wednesday’s Harvest

Another week, another dollar…saved. Our zucchini has blown us away. Really, I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m more than familiar with their exponentially producing effect. But see, last year we didn’t get a single zucchini. We had a salt issue and we were lucky to keep any of our squash alive. The zucchini wasn’t so lucky. To be honest we’re not even growing zucchini technically. We’re growing Cocozella di Napoli, an Italian heirloom summer squash. But for the sake of saving space, we’ll just call it zucchini.

And the biggest excitement?! We beat the squirrels to the apricots! The tree is still small so the harvest was very modest. Nonetheless, we got all the apricots! Unfortunately we weren’t so lucky with the cherries. Not only did the squirrels eat all of our cherries, but they broke a bunch of the branches on the young trees.

I hate squirrels.

Onions =  1 lb @ $1.99/lb = $1.99 Savings
Potatoes = 3.81 lb @ $2.50/lb =  $9.53 Savings
Zucchini = 13.08 lb @ $3.18/lb = $41.59 Savings
Apricots = 1.13 .b @ $3.82/lb = $4.32 Savings
Eggs = 3.5dz @ $7.50/dz = $26.25 Savings

So for the season so far we’ve harvested:
Swiss Chard: 4.6 lbs
Artichokes: 34.7 lbs
Lettuce: 11 lbs
Eggs: 997 or 83.08 dozen
Strawberries: 2.2 lbs
Peas: 34.3 lbs 
Parsnips: 1.55 lbs
Potatoes = 5.61 lbs
Onions =  3.18 lbs
Zucchini = 18.14 lb
Garlic = 2 heads 
Blueberries = .06 lb
Apricots = 1.13 lb

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