Weekend Chores – All for Naught

You know when you do a ton of work only to find out that it was all a waste of time? Yeah, well I just found out that all the planting we did of squash, melons, watermelons, pumpkins and cucumbers was a waste of time. Something ate them. All of them. So this weekend will involve replanting everything, this time as starts in the mini greenhouse so when they go in the ground they have a fighting chance.

My first impression was that it must have been the seedcorn maggots again. Closer inspection ruled that out. The seeds had germinated and were then eaten. Not to mention the soil wasn’t wet enough to harbor the seedcorn maggots and we had dressed with compost in the fall so most of it had been broken down enough to not attract them.

My guess is slugs. We’ve had a bumper crop of the little fuckers this year.

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