When, How & Where to Start Seeds

The seed catalogs are coming in! This week we got our Baker Creek and Seed Savers Exchange seed catalogs. I’m now just waiting for Territorial and Sand Hill Preservation Center catalogs to roll in and I’ll be set to start choosing what we’ll be growing next year. Along with choosing what we’ll be growing we’ll also need to be planning out our year. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we’ve got a Google Calendar for planting that’s based on moon cycles for most of California and similar climates. Not in our area? Never fear. You can find out how to plan out your growing times and create your own calendar. Here’s the moon phase calendar if you need it.

So you’ve got your schedule figured out. The next hardest part is figuring out how to start those seedlings. I’ve got you covered! Here’s a handy chart to help you out. Bonus is that I included when you should plant based on frost dates so it’s easily used no matter where you live. Just click on it to zoom in.

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