Classes and Other Stuff

We have been considering teaching classes for awhile. We really enjoy having people over and teaching them about what we’re doing so why not make it a little more formal? You may remember my rant about class costs back in September so if we did offer classes they would definitely be affordable. While we had been thinking about it, nothing concrete had been outlined.

Then I met with Nicole from FARMcurious for coffee this past weekend. Last week she had written a post about her dilemma with meat eating and her experience learning how to slaughter rabbits at our place. Because of that post 18 Reasons had asked her to include a class on raising rabbits as livestock in her upcoming urban homesteading series. She admitted that she didn’t really know all that much about rabbits but then asked me to teach it. I was honored! I recommended that Esperanza from Pluck and Feather team up with me to teach the class because she is also a wealth of rabbit information. So keep an eye out for our upcoming rabbit class in San Francisco. I’ll post more on it when I get more info.

I would also like to announce our biannual Dog Island Farm Potluck that we will be hosting here on April 30th. I know it’s a ways off still but I’m excited about it. We will now be hosting these twice a year. One in the Spring to welcome the growing season and one in the Fall for harvest. Email me if you’re interested in being put on the list for more info as we get closer to the date.

So if we do offer classes what would you want to learn about? We’re definitely not experts in everything we do but we do specialize in some things.

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