Lock Down Mode

Sorry Mom, you’re not going to like this, but don’t worry we are totally OK and can handle it.

This isn’t really a farm update, but just a home update really.

Apparently our neighborhood has been deemed a richer part of town. I find that absolutely hilarious because we absolutely are not a rich part of town. Sure, we’re not the ghetto but all the homes here are very modest. So with that, the crime rate seems to have spiked in the last week. There’s always been an element of crime here and we’ve been very proactive in making our home as undesirable as possible. But lately it’s gone to a whole other level. And we sometimes see little odd things around here. Like last Sunday when we went out to deal the animals and noticed that one of our garden gates – the one that we never use was wide open and so was Scooter’s cage. He was just hanging out but it was completely bizarre that his cage was open and so was the gate – which you have to lift up on to get to open. But things hadn’t gone upside down yet.   

Squeek on her perch keeping an eye on the street

It started on Wednesday when we got home and Tom’s truck, which is usually on the street was parked in the driveway. No big deal, Jeanette probably went to run some errands and borrowed it. As it turns out, why yes, Jeanette did take it but not to run errands. She took our neighbor across the street to the next town over to recover his stolen car (which was just recently broken into as well). It’s an ’80s model Ford Ranger. I’m not entirely sure why that would be stolen, but it was and that’s not cool. They were ballsy enough to take it from his carport.

Then today we get a message from our neighbor two doors down that he caught a couple breaking into his house Thursday afternoon. I’m so glad he didn’t catch them in his house and had gotten hurt. We sat down last night and talk to him, his wife and son about the situation and got some information. When we got home our neighbor kitty-corner from us came over (yeah we know all of our immediate neighbors pretty well) to visit. As we were talking to her we mentioned what had happened to our neighbors and she said she had known about our other neighbor’s car and had actually seen who did it.

Turns out we also know who it is and will be keeping an eye out for them. I’m not worried about our house getting broken into. We’ve got our security system and the dogs and other things. Squeek makes everyone know that she’s there watching them and if they step foot past our front yard fence she gets crazy-pee-your-pants-aggressive. Only a fool would want to enter our house.

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