Seriously, It’s Not a Competition

I know, I know. I’ve linked to Erica’s Northwest Edible Life blog quite a few times. And I’ve linked specifically to her Don’t be an Urban Homesteader Asshole post more than once. What can I say? It’s an awesome post and sooooo needed to be said. While her post deals with those in our community that try to get EVERYONE they come across to join in the fun, this post will be a bit different. And yet it was inspired by a comment left on that very same post by an anonymous person (I think we can all figure out who it is). The comment went like this (spelling, punctuation and grammar included): 

if she cultivated 6,000lbs of organic produce year after year on a 1/10 of an acre without not even a drop of a pesticide, a 4,5kW solar array, a dozen chicken and ducks laying fresh eggs, an organic garden and compost pile, milled all her flour by hand, a greywater system, a compost toilet, a rainwater catchment system, have organized hundreds of seminars, screenings and free potlucks to teach and enlighten the lalahood while keeping a family of four together, healthy and sane she might have a case, as it is, it is only disgusting and mean-spirited writing

At first when I read this I was like “Wow! What an urban homesteader asshole!” I think most of those that read it and commented after it would have agreed. But these people aren’t interested in sharing the juicy details with anyone, let alone everyone like Erica’s example of an Urban Homesteader Asshole.  For them it’s a whole other level of Urban Homesteader Asshole. The type that thinks urban homesteading is a competition. The dreaded one-uppers. “I’m better than you because I do more.”

Urban homesteading is not a competition. So knock it off. Everyone has a limit of what they can do. You don’t have to take on everything and you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for not doing so. YJust because you aren’t off the grid and don’t have chickens doesn’t mean your urban homestead is less authentic than the above commenter.

And remember as long as you give it a shot and do what you can, I’ll be your biggest supporter and cheerleader.

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