Weekend Chores – Cancelled due to Rain

It’s Saturday morning and this weekend has already been nuts. It’s been raining heavier than it ever has since we’ve lived here. Bonus is that it’s supposed to continue the rest of the week. The bad news is that our neighbor behind us is the lowest spot on the block and our yard, namely the livestock yard, is on that flow line and it’s all backing up…under the barn.

The entrance to the barn is ankle deep muck

Remember the mucky post? Yeah, that was nothing. Last night our yard, from the rabbit cages (about halfway from our back door to the livestock barn) down was ankle deep in water. Mud and water.

We spent last night trying to keep everyone dry. Because it was dark and pouring we did the best we could. We put the bottom tray from our XL dog crate down on top of the sopping wet hay, covered it with feed bags (turning out to indispensable) and then piled a bunch of hay on top of that. Bella and the kids stayed dry throughout the night. Daisy has a wire spool she sleeps on so we didn’t have to do too much for her. The chicks’ brooder was flooded though. So we added boards to it so they could at least get up out of the water. Such a mess!

Early this morning (it was still dark out) we opened up our old plastic doghouse and put it in with Bella and the kids. We filled the halves up with hay so they’ll have additional dry places for them to bed down. 

We did give chicks to our broody girl, so let’s hope she is a good mom. One did get out last night and ended up with the goats so I’m a little worried about that one, but this morning it was fine, snuggled into mom’s feathers.

Today I’m going to be hosting a cold process soap making class taught by our intern, Brandy. Not sure how we’re going to do this with the rain, but we’ll figure it out.

There are so many things we need to plant right now and can’t because of the rain. Next weekend is our last average frost date and I’m hoping the rain stops by then but who knows?

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